Setting up SprutCam 15

I have project I’ve been working on in Alibre that I imported into SprutCam. I always get hung up at the point of setting it up on the machine type. My mill is a series 1 updated to 3 with an 8 inch rotary table. Updates also include a high speed spindle. Should I be using 4 axis A, -A, B, -B or one of the two Tormach choices the 1300 PL or PCNC?

With setup in mind, you can use either the PCNC which comes with a rotary table on it, or you can use either the 4 axis A or 4 axis -A. You would use A for table on the left and -A for table on the right. The only difference between the two is whether you can visibly see the schema or not as there is no visual with the 4 axis Schemas. If you have any further questions with it, feel free to open a ticket with me here and I’d be happy to discuss more,