Saunders sub-plate design for Microarc 4

I bought a never-used microarc 4 that will be delivered on Monday. I need to whip up a sub-plate to allow mounting to a Saunders PCNC 1100 tooling plate. Saunders allow download of their sub-plate CAD file. This supports M/MX mills as well as direct connection to the 1100 table, none of which I need … so I modified the sub-plate to remove these features.

I’m curious about their design though, especially the location of the 5/16"-18 holes for attaching the microarc. Curious if anyone here has a similar setup? If you could change the design of SMM micro-arc sub-plate, what would you do?

Here is a screenshot of my simplified plate, with the microarc mounted (and partially sectioned away for ease of viewing):

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The holes to mount the microarc 4 are good. I have issue with the locations of the big mounting bolts. At least on the 440, the centerline of the microarc spindle is not on the center line of the table. It is off in the Y axis 1.5 inches. This limits the size of the part to 3" max. If the shape of the plate was an H shape, You could relocate the holes in the front. May not be an issue with the 1100