Rocket Stove Flat Top v1

After my first rocket stove cut out on the PL1300 I decieded to try to make a flat top using the same design of the Rocket Stove base I previously used. I am calling this my BETA version 1. I loved making it, and learned so much in regaruds to what I am going to do different.

Thank you to all who commented on my previous design. I recieved alot of feedback on the thickness of the metal I was using for my stove. Sadly in this design I kept the .125" thickness through out. I know it is going to be affected by the heat over time and in my next designs I plan to utilze thicker steel and even some fire bricks to control the heat.

My design utilizes a large heat chamber to keep the heat while it exhaust. I am getting an uneven cook surface where the stove enters the cook top. That was to be expected and was actually part of the design.

In my version two flat top I am going to design a system for eat to transfer more evenly through out the cook surface. I am also going to use a .25" thick cook top. I did get some warping already from the heat. I am also going to see about using square tube stock rather than cutting every pieces of the stove and chimney out of flat stop. This should save me tons of time on welding.

All in all it was super fun project and I learned a lot. I will keep you posted on my version 2. Please share any ideas or thoughts on my design. Thanks folks.


@Matthew_Schultz1 this is a pretty neat concept. Nice work.

Thanks, I am making an offset smoker right now. Thanks again for always helping so quickly with the tech support end. Without you I wouldn’t be able to make this stuff.