Rigid Tapping Max Diameter


Can someone advise what the max diameter is for rigid tapping on the 1100MX? I have searched without an answer.



Generally, the max DIA we recommend, while running at 230-240 volts, would be a 3/8-16 tap (in low belt). Now there would be some caveats to this, such as NPT taps. Because they get so much more difficult to rotate the deeper they go.

If you are around 208v, you do end up losing about 15-20% of torque.



Thanks for the info. I couldn’t seem to find that, but may have missed it.


You might interested in trying peck tapping - I did with good results - below is a post by Rogge in a thread called “Tapping Synchronization”

Good lubrication will reduce torque requirements. Make sure you’ve got either a tapping lubricant or plenty of flood directed at the workpiece.
You might try tapping at a higher spindle speed. I think the max for a 1/2-13 on the 1100 will be 1100RPM. At really low speeds (below 5% of the rated speed) an induction motor can’t develop as much torque as it will at higher RPMs.
And as you mention, threadmilling is a great option, and easy to program on the thread tab of the PathPilot conversational notebook.