Reorient from trayin error message

I adjusted my power draw bar bolt to the tormach spec of .25 in with no tool in the spindle and started to get the “reorient from trayin” error message.

I had seen a great youtube video by Jayson at VC Edge on this topic the week before but had no use for the information so I didn’t fully retain it. I was talking to support about something else and it came up. They recommend modifying the bolt head so there is a much smaller contact area when the bolt strikes the draw bar.

I won’t bore you with the details here but if you’re interested go look at Jayson’s video here

Here are a couple pictures of mine modded on the lathe. I just put a 10 degree chamfer on it which so far seems very sufficient. Jayson’s fix is much more sophisticated and more interesting.


Hi Scott,

Thank you for sharing your resolution !

Jason had a great idea that just didn’t align well for users without a lathe, but it was a great idea.

This solution, which simply inverts Jason’s design by adding the arc to the bolt. This effectively prevents rotation of the spindle during eject and the reason for the re-orient attempts.

Future machines will have this change on their new MX machines.