Reducing floor vibration from a 2015 Tormach 1100

I use an 1100 PCNC mill to machine tiny 1/32 grooves into plastic in the third floor of my research building. Another lab is concerned vibrations from the machine are disrupting their experiments, which is certainly plausible. I’ve measured vibrations using a vibration meter, as well as a phone (which seems more sensitive). The vibration amplitudes increase on the floor next to the machine disapating by 10 feet away, and the vibrations on their equipment are unchanged with the 1100 on or off. We did a Fourier transform on that data and see specific peaks at ~20,000 Hz with the mill on, altough I cannot see them transfer to their equipment. Any other ideas on what to measure? Can I replace the feet and use heavy duty leveling and vibration mounts made for industrial machinery instead (like these Anti Vibration Mounts | Machinery Mounts | Vibration Pads | ICG)? Anyone have suggestions?

This is a can of worms. If you can isolate it from the floor you might reduce the vibrations or just change the frequency and the amplitude. If you can you might try moving the mill. Sometimes just angling so the feet are different distances from the supports will do the trick. You could also use a much smaller second spindle with a router motor instead of the big one. Not sure why you need a 1100 to cut plastic but needs must.


I think that this is a situation where the party with the concern needs to prove that it’s an issue before any steps are taken. If we go down the hypothetical of the machine feet not mitigating any percieved issues satisfactorily what is the next step that they’d request? Not running the machine during certain hours? Not running over X spindle speed? Move the machine to another building?

I’ve installed a machine in a government lab where two rooms away they were performing sound and vibration analysis and they were not concerned over issues with the spindle (and their machine was a 770 that would have double the spindle speed).

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Where I used to work we put the machines on isolator pads due to the vibrations from the presses. With out them I couldn’t read an indicator.


Might work in the opposite direction also. Probably other companies with a similar product.