Random TmpXXX files loading into my program folders

My PathPilot box is networked.

Recently (I’ve had 2 machines running like this for 5+ years) when I open the folder in PP to load the file, I see hundreds of Tmp001, Tmp002, etc files all with 0bytes loaded in the folder. Not one or two, but hundreds. As the machine runs, more load. They keep coming from somewhere. PP must make these files independently as I am running programs that have been loaded onto the controller for months.

Is this something related to how PP is logging operations now? Is this common to my situation?

Are you on a Mac? This happened to me and I tried to fix it and in the process I could no longer see the machine from that Mac. I think it has something to do with the Mac spotlight.

Hello. This problem persisted for a few weeks and there was no obvious issue from my Mac. I did attempt to have Spotlight “ignore” the networked PathPilot machine when indexing, but that did not change anything.

What DID change was that my PathPilot machine’s RTC battery died a few days ago, and since changing that battery, I have not had any of the TMP file creation issues that I was having before. For what it’s worth for future Mac users, it may portend that your RTC battery is dying if you find that these files are being created by the hundreds.

This is an interesting resolution I would have not connected together. Thanks…

I have the same issue and looked into it a bit and started to head to the direction of posting to my file server and having the PP controller connect to that NFS export.

I am not sure how the RTC battery relates and ends up being the root cause of this but I will open my controller and check voltage since it is the old standard PC with a standard motherboard and probably due for replacement.

Mine was 2 months out of the box when it started and it’s fine now. I havnt replaced the battery.