What is the program for a radius cut on a -.000 dia with a z of 0.000 radius of .005


Sorry. 1.000 dia and a .05 radius

in the conversational programing tab, there is a chamfer tab that also does radii. Give it a look

I did. Do not like it as it makes the radius a separate cut and tried the program parts with no success.

Looking to see how to write it with (x, z, I. k)

Gcode info should be in the manual, it’s on Tormach website if you don’t have it. If you are trying to do a complex profile, use the profile conversational tab. I mostly use that one.

G00 X.9 Z.1
G1 Z0 F5.
G3 x1.00 Z-.05 R.05
G1 Z?

Be sure to instate your tool length before these lines. G3 is modal so you must have a G1 line after a radius move or the machine will keep trying to use the 05 radius on additional moves. Add your Z depth then retract.