Quick look at a rocket stove cut on the PL

Here is a few pictures of a rocket stove I cut out on the table. I will share more shortly.
This was design I came up with a longer heat stack to better control my flame and retain heat. This is version two. I am working on one now that has a flat top incorporated. Next I will design a rocket stove/pizza oven. Having a lot of fun fabricating these.


I Can’t wait to see the pizza oven version!

Hi @Matthew_Schultz1,

Cool build! I love the attention to detail with the air intake slider, and the what looks like an ash ‘compartment’ - with another air slot too!

I learned that mild steel is not ideal for the temperatures encountered in a rocket stove in terms of long term longevity. The steel spalls at those temperatures. Ceramic refractory lining in the burn chamber area, or SS/other helps in those respects.

I built 2 iterations of rocket stoves on my Series 2 1100 Mill. The second iteration used some 1/2" 2,500deg refractory plates to mitigate this problem. Thicker insulation would have been ideal, but I wanted to use some 4" sq tubing I had laying around, and didn’t want to sacrifice any additional interior volume. I also migrated to using SS for the riser. The SS riser worked great, I think the lower thermal conductivity of the material helped keep more heat in the burn area. I also used some 1" ceramic fiber blanket to wrap the SS riser.

I figured that some of this information may come in hand for your pizza oven project or next version…I’ve had a similar idea brewing in my mind about an oven…

Cheers, and great build!


This piqued my interest last night, so I made some of the modifications to my stove and fired it up. The modifications involved cutting off the fuel feed tube, and dialing in a few more details on the burn chamber. Here is the burn chamber as soon as the ‘rocket effect’ started:

And here are two before I shut it down. One photo from the rear, and another side. I kept it running for about an hour, and the outdoor temperature was hovering around 30F. Unfortunately, I think I took one photo with both my headlamp and the flash on my phone. The others were with just the headlamp, as my phone battery started to dip…