Protecting the rails of the 24R


Does anyone know or can recommend a way to protect the linear rails, particularly the X gantry rails from debris. Something like a rubber accordion protector or some kind of protector would be great. But I haven’t been able to find anything online.

Any suggestions welcomed!

Not much room for bellows to fold up when axis is close to edges on my router. Maybe some 3d printed extended rail wipers would help extend life and reduce dust. I use the dust hood and that minimizes material flying all over the place. I am always more concerned with the ball screws on all 3-axis getting dusty. Anyway, I tend to clean my machines pretty well after use. My 24r is about to 5-6 years old or more. machine #9 and it looks and works like the day it was uncrated. I just purchased 2 new shop vacs this week just to make cleanup of shop a little more tolerable. Also to quickly move between tools like table saw, miter saw, metal band saw and sanders and of course general cleanup of 24r. In hopes of better control of the mess and make the end of day cleanup a little faster. I use one dedicated small shop vac just to clean metal chips and coolant on the 1100 mill and 8l lathe. I think it cost like 35$ and was one of the better accessories to extend the life of those machines. I even skim the top of the coolant/ nasty yuck every couple days with it.
Anyway no help for your question or needs. Figured i would vent a little on how shop and machine cleanup is no fun for anyone i bet!

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Thank you for your input.

Good tips!

Do you have a pic of your Dust Hood?

Its just the rectangular dust hood mounted to the spindle that come with the router and dust collector. The brushes on the hood keep most of the dust from flying all over the shop and the dust vac collector sucks up most of it. The rest I clean up with a shop vac and I wipe down the rails at the end of the day.