Program Exceeds Machine Maximum on Z Axis By X.XXXX in


I’m new to Tormach and PathPilot. I’ve been watching all the videos and thought I understand the programming, Setup and how to operate my first cut, but I’m getting and error that I don’t understand what I am missing.

I’m setting up a Face Mill, and I’m trying to do it by entering the data in “Conversational”.
I probed the material and accurately filled in all data. The error I’m getting is when I post the Job.

"G=Code warnings in
Program exceeds machine maximum on Z axis by 2.4983 in
*** End of warning list***

The amount that exceeds is exactly the length of the tool, the Face Mill
I’ve tried reducing the Z Height start by the amount of the tool, but the error does not change.
If I try to Start the program the tool drops below the material and I have to hit the stop to avoid collisions.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Conversational Settings
Probe Data

Hi Everyone, thanks for looking at this, but I figured out the error. My probing of the part was automatically set, but as a proper bonehead move, I was manually referenced start location as the referenced location, instead of referencing the Z:0

Hey @Craig_Rose! Welcome to the forums.

I’m glad you got this figured out! Keep posting any questions as you continue learning PathPilot!