Probe tool numbering

The common standard is to have the probe on tool nuber 99. I beleeve pathpilot even refers to this in some functionality… (dont remember where i saw this).

But what is the recomended practice when having multiple probes, i.e. both passive probe, and a haimer.

Does the numbering matter at all?

I use tool #1 for Haimer and tool number #99 that is required by path pilot for e-probe.

Tool 99 is required to be a spindle probe in Pathpilot, but the number for a Haimer can be any tool number you wish. Tool 98 is a common one with many users, I settled on tool 50 to avoid a mistake from the two being so close.

Just to clarify… what caracteristics do you mean when refering to ‘spindle probe’?

To setup e-probe or use any of the pre-defined E-probe routines for finding offsets requires the probe to be numbered #99 in tool table. “or it does on my mill or router anyway”

When probe is in the spindle, plugged in and used for finding offsets is a spindle probe to me.
What are you asking or wanting to do?

As Lane mentioned, any probe put in the spindle qualifies for the title of “spindle probe”, such as the passive probe or active probe.

The term Spindle probe was not obvious to me…
I tried to sort out the difference between an automatic/electric probe, i.e. connected to path pilot, vs a manual probe, such as the Haimer…

In my mind a Haimer could qualify as a spindle probe… but I now see the difference

But the later is maybe not defined as a probe…
I have until now used 99 for the Haimer, but now realised that I shall move it to Tool 98, and set my (to this date unused) Passive probe as Tool 99.

Thanks for the responses…