Preview Line Limit - permanent adjustment

Is there any way to update the motion line limit permanently on Pathpilot?

I regularly receive the error message preview line limit has been reached and I need to update the admin set preview limit. I’d love to permanently max out the line limit and take on the longer load times as opposed to not seeing the extents.



I have hit this error many times (so many fun things take up sooo much gcode)… I found the fix on CNCzone, but here’s the code to type into PP on the MDI line.


Use any number above the max number of lines you want to load for the program for the n part (this can cause a large or long program to load a bit slowly, but it WILL load if you give it a minute).

Here’s the original thread!
Hope this helps!!

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Anyone know how this affects ram. If I go above 300,000 lines I get jog queuing. Which means if I page down, the mill head doesn’t react immediately making me think I hit the wrong key. So I press it again and then it starts moving, stops and then moves again and there goes the end mill.

Thanks I’m aware of this option as the error somewhat describes the process.
I’m trying to avoid this altogether by setting it permanently so I do not get flagged on every other program.

I enjoy having the preview so I can get an idea of how much code is left as it chips away.
Alternatively I have made a habit of adding the code off the bat when PP loads up, but when I forget I need to clear the flag, add the limit code, and reload my program. These are all extra steps that could be avoided by having it fixed in memory