Power PCNC 770 with generator?

My garage is not equipped with non-gfci outlets or a 20 amp circuit breaker and adding such features is not an option. Is it possible to power a 2017 PCNC 770 series 3 with a generator. If so what is the safest way to do so? Generator in question would be a coleman powermate 5000.

Thank you,

Hello Ryan,

I had a similar issue when I wanted an 1100 a number of years ago…was going to be a small fortune to get the service I needed in the garage for the machine. Not sure where your Laundry area is…but my dryer was already received the power I needed for the mill…so I ran wire to Laundry Area and left plug hanging just above dryer cord. She got pissed when she realized she couldn’t run the dryer when I was running the mill (as I unplug one for the other), but she got over it…with time anyway. Everything else on the machine can be run on standard power.

Just a thought…it’s worked for me for years now.

Hmm, you might be on to something there. The laundry room is 25 feet away and the bathroom with its 110V 20 amp circuit breakers is 10 more feet away. $180 for the extension cord and I could be up and running. I also have a 220 volt lathe which if the dryer is 220 volt , could be a great solution

I will look into this thanks.