Pecking for chip breaking turning OD /Profile

Has anyone figured out how to use pecking or a feed pause to break chips in roughing ops. On larger stock I’m worried about pushing the machine hard enough to break chips to not birds nest.
Would be great to have a Peck or Chip Break in the conversational for an option.


@Carl_Bartlett I think this would be a great candidate to bring up, and send directly to the PathPilot team! You can fill out a feature request here! Jira Service Management

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Taking small cuts at a fast feed rate even during roughing seems to create very small manageable chips instead of the long stringy birds nests that get sucked up and wrapped around the chuck.

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Can’t remember which but one of the major cam players has this feature.


This would be a pretty sweet addition to conversational.
Fusion360 has this option, I just bumped into it the other day because the brass I am turning is really stringy.