PCNC1100 Series 3 tramming and checkout needed

I am in desperate need for someone to come tram my mill and see if anything can be done with backlash and gib adjustments as well. My machine has been idle for over two years because I am unable to do it myself.

I’ve tried several CNC service companies but I can’t seem to get a call back! There’s one only a few miles from me that won’t even stop in and take a look.

I found the tramming issue when using a fly cutter–it’s clearly out of tram.

I am in Medina, Ohio (South of Cleveland). I am NOT looking for free help!

If anyone would be willing to help I’m sure we can come to an agreement. Obviously someone nearby would be great, but someone willing to travel a bit would be great, too!

Thank you!
Roger C

Here is a link to video by Saunders on tormach maintenance that may help.
A lot of his earlier videos are tormach related. It involved shimming the mill feet, not the cabinet base.
I put 1 inch spacers there to make it easier to clean out under.

Not sure if this one addresses tramming issues, but one of his did.

Even on Bridgeport class machines, multiple passes with a small end mill will give you a flatter surface… Think scraping. More expensive machines are pretty good with larger mills but will often still leave a witness mark at the passes, even if it is barely measurable. The large face mill will just look flatter. Some times you just want it to look smoother though.


Thank you for your response!

I am familiar with NYCCNC/SMW. I have even contacted them since they are here in Ohio, but they don’t do this kind of work.

I do know what needs to be done, but unfortunately I am just not able to do it myself.

I trammed my 770mx. Was out more than i could tolerate.
Checked with a haimer 3d taster. Mapped out the differences along the table with a marker.
Slightly loosened 4 bolts for the column and inserted a .0015" shim in 2 corners? Something like that. Torqued them back evenly.
BUT, before you attempt it make sure tool and holder are running true. Inserts etc. AND you have good measuring tools. May take a while to get it right.