PCNC 440 Mill - Axis stopped operating through it's full range

I was using my PCNC 440 mill yesterday and when using the Probe to locate the zero-reference point, I hit the G30 button on the screen to lift the probe up and out of the way. The head started moving upward, then it sounded like it struggled and just stopped after only moving a few inches. If I hit the E-stop and restart the machine, the Z-axis would return to it’s upper reference position and start to work again, but when I would move the head up and down, as well as moving the X & Y axes and then hit either the G30 button or enter G28, the head would start upward, but then only move a few inches and stop. I could manually move the head down, but only up to that stopped position. I then turned the mill off and unplugged it from the wall and left it off for about an hour. I restarted the mill and now the Y-axis has the problem and the Z-seems to be ok. So, it moved. Also, both the Z & X axes move quietly, but the Y-axis is louder than the other two and it wasn’t before.

Has anyone seen this before, if so, how did you resolve the problem?

@Steve_Phelps I believe this is something that we happened to work through over the phone a few days ago. If I remember correctly, we found a dip switch setting issue, and one of the trip blocks for the limit switches, had shifted. Is that correct?