PathPilot v2.10.0 Upgrade Issues with Conv Edit Save

Upgraded to v2.10.0 this AM via automatic update from v2.8.3. Power cycled. Now when I Conv Edit programs (newly created or created in previous version) and select the SAVE function, it deletes the name at the top, replaces it with “”, and creates that file. When I close the window, I do not get the warning that the file has been updated and needs to reload. The file explorer shows the old program with no updated date and a new program named “” with updated date/time.

I can chose to SAVE AS, manually select the file I was editing, accept the overwrite warning, and it will work, so the issue seems to be directly with the save function.

I’m fairly new to PathPilot, but I had no issues with editing NC files in the previous version. I did recently start using PathPilot Hub, but I don’t think it is related to that being logged in as this started happening immediately after the upgrade to v2.10.0.

Any ideas on where to go from here?

There are a number of bugs in 2.10. Go to status - update- browse - previous updates (at the top)and roll back to 2.8.3.

2.10.1 should be out soon, and you can update again.


Thank you for the response. I’ll roll it back tonight.

@Christian_Rauh 2.10.1 was released today and addresses this issue and a few others from 2.10.1.

I will test it out over the weekend when we are not in production. Thank you for following up.

Do you have a timeline for release to the hub simulator?

The Hub update is being worked on currently and will be out soon.