Offset Smoker Door and Hinge Update

I was on spring break last week and was able to cut out some 1/4" plate to make the door and some hinges for the offset smoker. After completing it was quite evident that I will need to add a counter weight for the door, and some stopping blocks so I can keep the door open while tending to the meat. I am also going to cut off the door handle and make it longer and sit lower. It is currently in a weird spot height wise and I cant open it all the way without my wrists hitting the door.

Wow. I love the look of those hinges. Will the pipe stay as a hinge pin or will the each hand their own?

The copper pipe is actually just a sleeve, if you look closely I used 1/2" rebar as my rod. I added the copper tubing to give it the steam punk look. I thought about having individual nuts and bolts, but I felt this looked better.

The hinges work great, they are cut from 1/4" plate. I wanted it to look overly complicated. There are a lot of hinge ideas out there on the internet for smokers that are way easier. I cut out the hinges for the smoke box, I just need to weld them on. I will update the post when I get those mounted.

Oh nice. I see it now I dig the steam punk look with the complicated hinges.
Yes please update with the smoke box hinges. I’m curious