No AutoFS presets for 1300PL less than 10ga

I noticed the list of presets for Auto FS on the 1300PL do not any presets for material thickness less than 10ga. Do they exist anywhere or does anyone have some they made that I can import?

Hi @livinglightshows - welcome to the Tormach user forums!

The plasma does have feeds and speeds pre-configured for sheet metal gauges down to 26g. Depending on your power source (45XP, 65, etc), some settings may not be available. Also note that the standard nozzle isn’t rated for material below 10g, so to access the thinner gauge F and S settings you will want to use (and select) the fine cut option:

Looks like I need to buy some Fine Cut consumables to use Fine Cut. According to the PowerMax 65 manual its not the same consumables. Thanks.