Multiuser/password required?

Hey all-

We recently bought a 1300PL and so far it’s working great! The one small issue I have is that the computer, when starting up, logs in automatically as the operator user and starts PP. I was wondering if it’s possible to restrict access whereby it doesn’t automatically log in, and as an ideal situation, allow access via an ldap server like Active Directory, whereby then it would launch PP but running as that user (with the same rights as operator).

I know how to configure Linux to use an LDAP server, and I already kinda know how the auto-login works, so all of this is doable, but wanted to know if this is something that’s already possible (though I assume not supported).

As for why: We are a 24-7-365 shop where not everyone knows everyone and it’s very possible someone is going to just walk up to the machine and use it without any training (yes this kind of thing has happened), with the inevitable results. Also by having everyone use their own account means that any files they copy would be in their directory and not shared and visible to others, where they may be deleted.

Thanks for any tips!

@Waterppk How do you guys handle this situation at Sector 67?

We have a Tormach mill, lathe, plasma, and a surface grinder - all of our equipment stays accessible at all times but we use a raspberry pi to validate users on our bandsaw and a cutoff saw in the welding shop to prevent unauthorized users. Having a log in that provides authorization sounds like an interesting approach, I imagine you could sort out a pretty generic API that could plug into a variety of authorization regimes without a lot more work than making a specific instance for your use.

In the case of the plasma we would put a relay in-line on the trigger pin to disable activating the cutter, this relay would be controlled via our RFID log in that’s tied to the rPi. This way users can boot the machine, set up their cut and verify the origin/etc but wouldn’t be able to activate the torch without authorization. It’s been a good balance on the laser/etc so users feel empowered but are much less likely to make a big headache for me :wink:

Our use case is certainly unique, running our workshop (Sector67) is my full time job so users work with me exclusively to use all of the equipment, we train on an apprentice-type relationship where I’m helping users with their projects specifically rather than running a lot of general classes that typically result in more questions than answers since our user base typically has complex/occasionally oddball uses.