Milling a radius

Hi people ,
I have run across 2 things that are preventing me from running a program .
First is when trying to simulate the tool path I get a notification that no object has been selected but in fact I have selected . It worked yesterday . Second is when I do get the simulation that looks good ; the cutter follows the tool path but away from the part . By the way , I am using BobCadCam .
Any suggestions ?

Ernest, sound like you are having a problem not with milling, but with bobcadcam. I don’t know anyone that has bobcadcam and am not familiar with it. Other bobcadcam users might have experience that can hone in on the issue. My wild guess would be some sort of offset setting being not correct.

Are you doing roughing and finishing? If you defined a piece of stock the toolpath will start at the size of the stock. Do you have the proper sized tool selected? Are you using computer or control for the offset direction? If control is selected what size endmill is in the information boxes for that tool number. If you have too much selected for the operation the program cannot generate a toolpath.