Microarc just stops turning in the middle of indexing

Several times in the last week my Microarc has just stopped in the middle of indexing to the next side of a 4 sided part leaving it sitting at an odd angle. The motor sounds like it continues to run and the angle continues to move on the readout, but the chuck stays still. The motor stops, and the spindle goes back to work like it’s in the correct orientation but it’s not and the last time that it happened I wasn’t looking and it cost me an 1/8th" end mill. Any ideas what I’m dealing with here? I’ll call Tormach tech tomorrow but I’m not sure how quick they’ll get back to me so I’m covering the bases.

Hey @Tommy_Moore

I believe we just spoke about this issue today together. Let us know if turning the velocity down on the operator console solves some of the issues you are seeing in the mean time. If not, the pin replacement procedure I sent you!

For anyone else who discovers any burned pins on their power connector, this knowledge base article shows your how to replace burned connectors, and even the microARC motor: https://tormach.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/IMK/pages/3601237204/microARC+4+Repair


After we cleaned the two lower pins on the plug at the cabinet (they were just a little cloudy), and turned the velocity down to about 80 percent we have not any more issues. I’m not sure which one was the problem but it seems to have been resolved. Thank you for your quick help in getting us back up and running.

If you are still not able to get back to 100% on your slider, I would look at the replacement procedure when you have down time.