Message of the Day (MOTD) when PP starts?

Hey all-

Is there any way to display a dialog box when PP starts with an Ok button the user has to press? We have a 1300PL that is a shared resource at our maker space and I’d like to show a popup when the machine starts to say something like “Your files may be deleted off this machine without warning”. I saw a different link that was for showing something via g-code, but I’m not sure if that applies because I want to show it before the user actually runs any job.

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We don’t have a message popup like that to put in the general UI, no. You can program custom messages in an M0 or M1 command in parentheses, that’s likely what you saw previously.

I’m a fan of the simple method of a sticker on the bezel of the monitor. Even if we did have a message like you’re describing, it’s not a stretch to imagine the machine to be on for a few hours and a new user walks up to the machine to start using it, they’d never see the message.

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Funny enough, as soon as I posted my message it occurred to me I could just put a sticker on the monitor to indicate this; yes sometimes simpler is better!

Thanks for the info. :slight_smile:

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The keep it simple method. K.I.S.S.