Material picker changes, additions, and overrides

Hey all-

We have the 1300PL with the Hypertherm 45XP and was wondering if the material settings can be added to as well as changed; we found we are getting better aluminum cuts by setting the speed a little faster. We’ve also tried working some some other materials like copper and, while not a common occurrence (especially at the current prices!) it’d be nice to keep all the various settings in one place.

I was also wondering how the material picker settings worked with the gcode coming out of sheet cam or fusion; if I have my operation in sheet cam move a million inches a minute, but path pilot has the more sensible number of, say, 320, which does path pilot use? I believe it uses the path pilot figures, though I haven’t tried overriding it with, um, extremes :laughing:.

Anyway, any info would be appreciated!



BTW, just to be clear, I know about the “Save Preset” button for the speeds-n-feeds aspect; my question was more about adding more materials in the drop-down with accompanying s-n-f values.


I don’t believe that the material list itself is editable at this time. But I will certainly ask about that.

I suppose what system is being used to read the S+F would depend on how its coded, with the plasma specific codes. If M200 is used, it should read the Auto F+S regardless where the code came from.


The Fusion post I know would follow the Auto S+F feedrate as they output an M200. For Sheetcam I’m not sure what they have in their post, but the same rule would apply.

Thank you,