Mastercam post processor for PathPilot

Anyone using Mastercam to program and post process G-code for a PathPilot controlled Tormach Mill?
If so, what post processor are you using? I don’t think Mastercam has made a Post processor for PathPilot yet,

Thanks in advance for any input.


If you have trouble finding another user with a post, generally, your MC reseller will make you any post you need. I know I have spoken to a few customers in the past who had a MC post created for them.

I’ve never used Mastercam myself, but the Fanuc post works without many issues I’ve been told by a few customers.

Thank you,

Sam Food for thought maybe it would be worth wile to have a part that someone can program with all standard G-Codes and Post using Fusion then share on the community. Personally, I’ve modified MasterCAM posts before, but that was a lifetime ago so I’m sure things have changed since then.

So, if Tormach were to offer a sample model, program and G-Code from a known working post that is typically where one needs to start before making any post modifications on a 3rd party post.

We distribute a post processor guidelines sheet. We wouldn’t keep record of properly working posts, as we do not create nor modify any posts ourselves. So, technically, any post processor is a third party, in relation to us.
TD10365_Post_Processor_Guidelines_0515A.pdf (141.1 KB)

We have some links on the site, that were given to us from companies like Fusion, Solidworks (GoEngineer), etc. I don’t believe we were ever given a MasterCam one, as far as I have seen.

I am looking to get the educational version of MCAM and talking to the reseller he said a custom PP would cost way more than the year subscription. So according to the Tormach guidelines, if that version comes with a FANUC post processor, I should be good. I just may have to do a little editing to the post processor or the G-code.

Thanks for your help.

Post a conversational program from Pathpilot. Then post your Gcode from the cad cam program you are using. Delete the safety line and all G95-96-98-99 lines from the cad cam post. also delete the G91-G28 lines from the end of the cad cam post. Take all the lines from the top of the conversational program up to the initial point copy and past them to the top of the cad/cam program. Take all of the lines after the last fed point on the conversational program and replace the code after the last fed point on the cad cam. I do this for all of my lathe and mill programs. the down side is you have to do it to every program you post. Path pilot recognizes many of the codes but I delete any not normally posted from a conversational post.