Manual programming to display messages on the screen GCODE

Hi all,

What is the G code (or syntax) for flashing a message on the screen ? I am using path pilot 2.8.1.

For example, I would like to add something like this:

“warning: these are G55 CS moves!”

So I know this is not a G54 program. I swap between G54 and G55 on the same part depending on my setup.

Similar to the change tooling warning; this would be great.


M00 (these are g55 moves! )

is the syntax you are after

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@Paul_Robertson check out the bottom of this article for notes on how to display comments and images on screen.

Hello Davie,

Thanks for the help. Hopefully your first suggestion works; the article talks about displaying images via separate .jpg files which would be overkill for my needs (and extra work). I’ll do a test run this morning.



Well I’m glad this worked out for you! I don’t use the image display very often but it comes in very handy when I have a potential collision. If you want to use this feature then you just replace your comment with the image file name (must be .jpg or .png) and the image file needs to be in the same folder as the gcode. Here is an example of a stock prep operation where the toe clamp placement matters.

M00 (BatarangFixture.jpg)

Which displays this picture: