Manual PP backup before wiping machine?

I’ve managed to bork my GTK installation on my Tormach mill controller. I’m going to try to fix it by reinstalling from my old 2.0 USB thumb drive (I really wish Tormach would let us download the image), but I’d like to back up the important things first.

Unfortunately, my PP won’t launch, so I can’t use it to back up its settings. What files need to be backed up? I know where to find the tool table, but is there anything else?

Alternatively, can someone give me instructions for reinstalling the PP dependencies like GTK source view?

Ah, I think I found what I needed, at least as of v2.9.2:

# list of files and directories shared by settings-back and settings-restore
# these are located relative to the HOME directory

file_list = ('*_data/*',

# all files in these directories
dir_list = ('gcode/subroutines',