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I’d like to propose an idea for a coolant button on the main screen… Im pretty sure a lot of people already modified second relay output activated by M07/09 to control their fog buster. Fog buster system is sold on Tormach web site, and it works great, but one thing is missing, and it is a MIST button that allows you to toggle it on/off during execution of the program. I can turn mist coolant ON and OFF with my post processor, but if I turn coolant off with the button on the screen, I have no way of turning just a mist back on. It would be nice if Tormach team add or maybe split that long coolant button in two and called one MIST, and the other one Coolant or Flood.
What do you all think?

I suggested this idea several times to Tormach over the past 3-4 years, with no result. Simply split the button into 2 (it’s big enough!)

You can actually turn the mist back on and off - just use the M command in the command line.

I added a bit of hardware to make this easier - another air solenoid in parallel to the fog buster solenoid. The added solenoid is manually operated (has a toggle lever) instead of electrically operated, and I just switch it on and off as needed. This allows me to do it manually, or use the second relay to control via PP or Fusion.

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I had conversation with Tormach back in 2019 about second relay output for mist coolant solenoid, and they told me that this will be implemented very soon. Well it’s end of 2022, and it’s still not done… the hardware is there( ECM was specifically designed for this particular use), software that activates that exact output is there, but one thing is left to do is the GUI change, and perhaps simple copy paste documentation from Facebook group to explain how this mod is done.
I’d like to have everything automated, without manual toggle switch(which I also have been using, since I gave up on waiting for that promise to make it work with a solenoid)… Tormach is growing fast, and moving towards automation ( if not, what’s the point of robot arm product ?). And mist coolant button is a part of that automation in my opinion.
*** Tormach team, please make that happen! Thanks!

Yeah. I do have everything automated using the second relay. So I have both mist and flood coolant - it auto switches between the two depending on the tool (as defined when configuring the operation in Fusion). But when using PathPilot or just manual milling, to use mist I either have to use the command line M command (as the coolant button works the flood only) or the manual control (which is why I put that in). The best solution would be tow coolant buttons - one working each relay.

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I’ve been waiting for the same thing. Having both coolant options in my machine is awesome but not being able to toggle the mist during a program is something that I feel should be changed.

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I suggest we put it to vote on Facebook Tormach users page, and if it shows enough interest perhaps Tormach will listen to what users want and finally implement it.

Hi @Nick_Pyat and others on this thread - thank you very much for your posts!

We haven’t forgotten about this change - it’s still in our queue and we plan to include it in a PathPilot update as soon as we can. One nice benefit of PathPilot is that when we make software improvements our users get them by simply updating the controller software. It’s super easy if you have connected the controller to the internet and still pretty easy via USB stick. This isn’t the case with most other CNC controls. And, unless some special hardware is required (like an install disc) our updates have always been completely free. I wish I had an ETA for you on the coolant button improvement - all I can say is that we’re working on it.

P.S. @Nick_Pyat - a fewTormach employees check in on the Facebook groups occasionally, but we all pay close attention to these web forums. Unlike groups on closed systems like Facebook, we want these conversations to be open to search engines, helping anyone find answers to their issues or offer advice. The Tormach forums allow you to create polls in threads, and if such a poll were created I’d be one of the first to upvote the coolant button suggestion :slight_smile:


I noticed that the 1100mx documentation online now indicates two separate coolant outputs - mine seems to only have one, requiring some cord shuffling if I want to switch between flood and mist. Is there a kit that adds an additional switched outlet that can be linked to the appropriate M code?