Made a Lego brick Christmas ornament on 770mx

Milled a Lego brick Christmas ornament on my 770mx. I started from Customizable LEGO compatible Text Bricks by Lyl3 - Thingiverse

Here’s the Fusion 360 with the CAM (and notes) that I used:
Kevin Lego v9.f3d (1.1 MB)

Fusion 360 showing the CAM:

Here are pictures of the brick up close: (note: I engraved too deep on the “K”):

Turned out pretty neat. Always learn something doing a project.

If you attempt, be sure to change the first setup’s stock size. I used a piece that I had, so it is a non-standard size.


Re-did the ornament. Changed a few things. The engraving is still a bit too deep, but it looks ok.

Kevin Lego v12.f3d (1.1 MB)

The neat thing is that they stack ok.


  1. Rough cut the stock (update the Fusion for the stock size)
  2. Probe (and set Z to top of stock)
  3. Run first setup
  4. Flip stock
  5. Probe (and set Z to top of parallel)
  6. Run setup2a.
  7. Re-probe (keeping Z to top of parallel)
  8. Run Setup2b
  9. Flip stock
  10. Probe and set Z to top of stock (although it might make sense to make it +0.05")
  11. Run Setup 3

There are notes on some of the steps in the Fusion file. You will need to have a tall 1/4" end mill (as noted in Fusion)

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That is on my to do list for grand kids.