Lost my first probe tip today after upgrading

I know probe tips are made to break but I lost my first one today. Right after I upgraded I was referencing the table. I hit the probe Z and set 0 button and the probe crashed right into the table and went far enough down to bend the shaft before erroring out. I don’t have another probe tip so I can’t try again. It might have been an isolated incident but I wanted to log it and see if anyone else has an issue while I am waiting for another probe tip. I have come close to breaking a tip many times jogging but the machine always stops within travel. Never had the probing cycle crunch one.

I have broke a probe tip or three in my time, but can usually sort out what happened. For example at one point I figured out that the cable was bad on a probe (I did find it in the scrap pile).
Did you flick the tip to make sure it worked before the cycle?
What did you upgrade? Are you taking about the new version of pathpilot or some other upgrade?

Yes , upgraded path pilot. I had just been referencing the spindle nose, tool setter height and probe length. I went to set the table to 0 and it just didn’t stop.