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What is with the log in process using the pictures and why am I subjected to this every time i try and log in.
Is my name and password not enough?
One more failure and I wont be using this forum again!

@Lane_Burkhart uh oh! That sounds terrible. I’ve never been asked to log into the forums - my session has simply stayed active, even through reboots of my computer. I’m sorry for that hassle and we will get it fixed.

@rsteckman can you figure out what might be going on here?

I guess its better.
It didn’t ask me to click on 2 or more sets of pictures to do what, verify my Identity?
How does it verify my identity by clicking on pictures? I would like this explained to me!
To me this is a service your paying for that imho does nothing!

Hi Lane, sorry you are having trouble staying logged in.
Two part response which I hope is helpful:

1.). On the pictures, or the “click any picture that has a stoplight in it” type questions, I’m afraid that’s not something we have control over, we use Google’s reCaptcha service to try and make it a little harder for bots to create accounts or login. If you are seeing those options instead of just a blue “protected by reCAPTCHA” box then Google is the one who needs to verify you aren’t a bot.

2.) There isn’t anything on our end that would force you to login over and over, the forums shares login with tormach.com, and we allow folks to stay logged in on our main site as well. This does require cookies on the respective machine/browser to work, so make sure you aren’t deleting cookies for every single session (or have an addon/plugin that might do it).

If you don’t think you have anything deleting your cookies, and you are still stuck having to login every time, I’d love to know a little more about it:

a.) Are you starting at forums.tormach.com and clicking Login, or tormach.com and clicking “Forums” in the header?
b.) Is it every browser session, or in the same browser session you sometimes find yourself logged out?
c.) Are you actually staying logged in on tormach.com, but somehow clicking over to the forums forces you to login again regardless?

Ryan S.

Hi Ryan
Im guessing its mostly me. I use a number of different computers during the day.
They all kill cookies as I use and navigate sites. I need to allow your forum site to store one on my systems. That would I guess get me past some of this GOOFY google checking / “tracking”.
As I mentioned I’m using a valid name and password and it should check if that is valid before making me do the picture verification. But it takes the name and password and still makes me do the dumb picture thing.
The picture verification should be only for new accounts, imho. Not just any user logging in on an existing account. As I noted above it wants to track users or it forces you to do the extra step no matter what!
It must be looking for a cookie and ignoring the fact i am using a valid account. Not a very smart log in process designed by google imho
But i’m guessing they do this on purpose
Thanks for the informative response!

Looks like this has turned into a joke again!
It no longer accepts my name and password and requires me to click on pictures
Not just one set but 3-5 sets of pictures before it allows me into Tormach site to buy tools or to this forum site! As I mentioned before if my name and password is not enough then I will not use the site. And you will not have me buying any tools from your site either!
I dont need some dumb system of pictures to verify if i am real. my name and password should be more than enough! I have been buying tools from Tormach for ten years and your about to lose a customer because of this company you use for some fake site user verification!

Please advise! I do not allow tracking cookies and that is all this is about. They want to track my use or make it very hard to log in! No other reason for this what so ever! it provides no security against bots because I am a registered user with an account and password that it will not accept!

Have this company explain to you and me why it does not accept my username and password?

btw I logged in to order some tools and was so turned off by this process and the fact it made me do a half dozen pictures before it let me into site. I only buy here to support Tormach not because your prices are better! Most cases its far cheaper to buy elsewhere!
Anyway I decided to not make any purchase at this time. I will go to Amazon or other supplier it is much faster to make a simple purchase of some cutters and other assorted items then to deaL with googles dumb log in process that does nothing!

I definitely understand your frustration Lane. I wish I could offer you a concrete solution, unfortunately it seems that Google has decided your actions are suspicious enough that it keeps challenging you.

Deleting your cookies (which you have every right to do) and logging in from multiple systems could make Google think your credentials have been hacked and are being used by multiple people.

If you did mis-enter your username and password a couple times, it might think someone is in the process of hacking into your account, and put up the extra challenge.

And I know I’ve personally seen multiple sets of pictures – like click every box with bicycles, and then something clips (barely) into a second box, and I wonder if I should mark it or not, guess wrong, and Google has me try again.

I did try a Google search to see if there are other users who run into excessive Captcha challenges and what else might cause that, and there are a couple suggestions, it mentioned things like maybe malware on a system that is spamming other Google services so Google marks your IP address as “suspect”, but I’m not sure if any would apply to your situation.

I know that’s not likely the response you were hoping to get. We do want to keep Captcha protections in place, even for login, not just account creation.

Hi Lane,

I’m sorry to hear you’re still encountering a negative experience when logging in.

As Ryan mentioned earlier, we use Google’s reCaptcha service. This service is used on millions of web sites to protect against bad actors attempting to attack the site or take over customer accounts. It provides important protection on login attempts even to existing accounts.

We use an “invisible” reCaptcha that, for most users, requires no interaction. If you’re seeing the image prompts, it means that reCaptcha is finding your browser to be suspicious. Common reasons you may see that are using an InCognito session, an IP address associated with bad actors, a VPN to mask your IP address, logging in/out often, etc. I understand that you do not allow cookies, and that very well could be related.

For the best experience on the Tormach forums, we recommend enabling cookies in your browser. Assuming you are using a private computer, checking the “remember me” checkbox when when logging in will allow you to easily visit the forums. You could even try enabling just first party cookies and it may help with this issue without allowing tracking between sites.

Hope that helps,