Lead in and Lead Out with Plasma CNC?

Just setting up my 1300PL and was wondering how others do lead-in and lead-out to prevent divots along the cut line when cutting with the plasma CNC?

@livinglightshows The PathPilot team is working on adding lead in/out moves to the DXF import tool, but it’s at least 6 months away from release. I believe that most customers are using CAM systems that allow lead in/out moves to be programmed in CAM. I know that SprutCAM and Fusion both do a good job of this for plasma tool paths. I’ll reply to your Vectric questions in your other thread.

Okay, I will use Fusion for CAM rather than the DXF import tool for now. My biggest issue with that workflow was that the free Fusion does not support importing DXF/DWG files that I draw in AutoCAD (I don’t think…)

@livinglightshows I know I am late to the party here but I found that excluding lead outs on the plasma table worked well when cutting holes out. With lead outs enabled on these holes the torch would error because it lost the arc.