Lathe bar stock material support

I designed and made a pile of these simple draw tube bar stock material supports out of a variety of material I had on hand in the shop a few years ago. I still use them on my lathe every day!
I noticed this topic has never been covered on this forum and figured some users would like this!
The main problem is long unsupported bar stock will cause vibration and whip if not supported.

Some simple collet and draw tube material supports can be made from plastic, wood or other material you have on hand. Even 3d printed and threaded for 5c collet back. I made these with different size holes for standard stock. I quickly found out its better to make them with no holes and then drill and size to the stock on hand because it can vary so much!

One threads into back of 5c collet the 2nd one press fits into end of draw tube and an optional one not shown press fits into material support bearing mounted to lathe motor sheet metal housing!

Hope this helps and inspires others.
Questions and comments welcome.
I posted the models on grab cad a couple years ago. Simple to draw your own also :slight_smile:

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