Jumping around in a program?

If I’m in PathPilot running my 8L, how do I jump to a particular tool instead of re-running the whole program? Like if I want to re-run just the finishing tool after a small adjustment.

In the code window scroll down or search for the spot you want to start the program at.
Right mouse button click on that line of code and a “run from here” popup menu will appear.
Select the option you want and it will color that line green.
Then restart the program like you would any program

Its real easy to choose the line above where it asks for the tool you want to run.
Then open the menu and select “Run from here with no preparation”
It will ask you for the tool if its not already the one set and then PP will run the code for that tool! And continue to end of program or if you stop it again.

Hope this helps!

Thank you! We were about to make a seperate program for each process and that seemed excessive. I knew there had to be a way! Thanks again!

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Long code can be tough to search. Instead search for the tool. In the MDI type FIND TX, where X is the top number of the tool you’re looking for. It will first find it right at the top of the program. Do it again. Pathpilot will jump to where that tool is called. Then right click to set that as the program start

It also helps to turn off all the other tool path displays so you can pick the one you are looking for. On the main screen, at the top click on View Options. You can toggle off each tool so only the one you are looking for is shown. Makes it easier to click on the correct place on the X,Z screen so you can find the right place in the program.

Another good idea is to setup some tests in a program and use them to practice using the different run from here options. This helps user confidence in what to expect when starting at various points in code. Very useful when running large to huge programs. The 24r router is a good example. it is easy to have a 100 thousand lines of code or more using the same tool. If you need to interrupt it in the middle of that part of program you do not want to start over nor be guessing what its going to do if you do restart at a specific line of code. No fun to spoil a work of art that has been running for hours or a bunch of nested parts on a sheet. Lathe and mill programs are much smaller but it still helps to avoid crashes and spoiling expensive material.