Jump to the middle of a long program

Is it possible, in PathPilot, to start a program from a line somewhere deep in the middle of the NC file.
The user will be responsible for ALL the required settings i.e. Gcode, cutter position etc.
I’m running very long 3D surface programs, cutting large aluminum molds. For various reasons i often need to rerun sections due to cutter damage, unrecognized excess stock, etc.
I have been cutting out program sections and running them separately.
I’d like to start at or jump to, say, line N9345, and commence milling.
Thank you for your thoughts.

If you scroll down or search to the line you want to start on. Then right mouse button click on the line of code in window. A menu with run from here commands appears to choose from. Depending on what your doing you choose the option that works best and your on your way. Super easy and very predictable. Might take a little testing on a simple program to get experience and a understanding of what to expect when you restart the code but it works very well.

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Here is a blog post we did, recently, on the subject. In short Page 114 of the 1100MX Owners Manual covers the options for setting the start line in the middle of the program

Thank you for the technique.
My 770with PathPilot1.9.3 executes it well, but I cannot find it in my 1015A manual.
Its in my head but I would like to have on paper.
Is it in my old manual?

Thank you again


The multiple set start line options in the blog post that Davie linked are features added in v2.4.2 of Pathpilot. Since you’re on v1.9.3 the only option you’ll see is “set start line” if you right click on a line of code. With only the “set start line” option starting at an arbitrary line is possible, but has a large potential for crashes, checking the feedrate is about all it did in v1.9.

Since the start line options were added, they really are the way to go. Imo, it’s a feature I’d put on par with Heidenhain’s block scan and Okuma’s sequence restart that doesn’t get used often enough.

Thanks Norman,

I’ve run CNC machines all my life. I had 8 or 10 of them in my shop when I sold it. (Retired over 20 years now). I ran all of them, often to finish a job that the afternoon shift left hanging.

So I am used to manipulating programs.

Nice to see my PathPilot with the capabilities that I am familiar with.

I love my Tormach!

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Thanks for the clarification @nkowalczyk.
@Stephen_Gibson this video is relevant to pre-2.4.2 PP versions.