Issue re-installing PP

So, I’m trying to help a local high school reload their Birx computer with a fresh install of PP. I put a new 2032 battery in and got the bios set correctly - I go through the re-install from the thumb drive (PP 2.0.0) with no issues. When I go to reboot after pulling the thumb drive, it does not give me an option for an 1100M, only legacy machines. When I try the “find my machine” I think it pops up that it’s updating the Mesa card and then goes to the power off screen. Also, I have tested and have the same issues when I try re-installing on a spare backup Brix computer I have.


@Andrew_Wall After doing the recovery, what version of PathPilot does it say that you are on?

It never lets me get that far. I get the new installation splash screen and there is no option for 1100M. Only the legacy machines.

I could be mistaken, as perhaps on older versions it was not included. But, currently, on the machine picker screen, it shows you what version you are currently on, and also has an update button. Is that true for you? Every version past 2.1.1, I believe, should have the M series machines listed. If you have that button on the machine picker screen, load up another usb with the latest version of PathPilot, and upgrade. Tormach PathPilot Updates

The only thumb drive I have is the one I got from Tormach back when PP first came out. I don’t think they offer a download of the files you need for full installation from a thumb drive. Updates yes, but in order to do that you have to have a functional install of PP (which we do not).

Guess I need to order a new $24 thumb drive (plus freaking $14 in shipping)? Seems like they would have sent me a new drive when I got my two 1100M’s and the Slant Pro…

@Andrew_Wall Let’s back up a bit here.

You used the recovery usb. You got it loaded up, but the M series is not present. That’s fine. The recovery stick likely has too old of a version. Launch into a PCNC config. Once in there, get a blank usb, and load up 2.9.4 from the Tormach website. Update Pathpilot. Once the update is complete, and you launch back into Pathpilot, you can type in the MDI line, “ADMIN CONFIG.” Hit enter. This will take you back to the machine picker. Then select 1100M.

Actually, hit CTRL + ALT + S before selecting PCNC 1100

I will give it a try and let you know.

Thanks SamBollen for your assistance. Below are the steps I had to take to get it to work. I an only assume this should only need to be done if one has an old version of the full install thumb drive.

(1) Do a fresh Install using the PP full install thumb drive (make sure your BIOS setting is set to load first from USB first). Follow all the steps to wipe the drive.

(2) Reboot without thumb drive - click the accept the terms. you must do this On the machine config window - hit CTRL+ALT+S before selecting a machine (this will put it in simulation mode). I clicked on the 440 machine

(3) Once in PP - go to settings and update to current PP using thumb drive with current update loaded.

(4) Once the update has been completed and the computer reboots into PP go to MDI line and put in ADMIN CONFIG RESET

(5) Reboot the computer and follow all the steps to add the correct machine.

Hope this helps!