Is there a manual?

Can’t seem to find an actual user manual for path pilot. I mean most of it is intuitive but I am looking for somewhere to look up every answer.
Looking to set soft limit for x positive and negative.


Hi @Dr_Harold_Jones! Which machine are you working with?

I have the 1100mx
Second question is there a way to use the orient spindle command to make the spindle turn 6 or 10 times. I am trying to program it to do make this design on the right. It needs very little torque but a specific number of turns.

Hi @Dr_Harold_Jones we don’t have a full manual for PathPilot, however machine specific documentation can be found in the knowledge base Welcome to the 1100MX Knowledge Base!

Let us know if that helps.

With regards to spindle turns, I am not aware of a way to do this exactly the way you mention. You could, however, run the spindle for a short amount of time set to a specific RPM to get close to a specific number of rotations. Maybe someone else in the community has another idea?