Introduction and Videos I Make on Tormach

Hey everyone! Just wanted to introduce myself as I’m new here. I’m fairly new to Tormach and metal work but have CNC experience in other materials previously. I also have a passion for learning and teaching which I usually put hand in hand. Meaning, when I learn something new and fun I like to share that learning soon so that the video encompasses all the noobness I struggled through, the hard lessons learned, and everything else a complete noob, like I just was, might want to know.

For example, when I finally got the hang of my PCNC770 I made my Complete Noobs Guide to Tormach video

I’ve also since completed my hardest project, a spring loaded articulating bipod for a rifle. I’m only linking part 3 as that’s the only part that includes my Tormach, but if you’re interested part 1 was the design phase and part 2 was me failing left and right trying to do the work on a Shopbot.

Either way, Hi!


Welcome. I am new here as well. Thanks for sharing. I plan to do some of the same things. We have a Tormach 1100 at our Makerspace and I helped document some of the basic safety and usage instructions.

I have 30 years of experience as a manufacturing engineer. (A lot of which is training and education/documentation/process improvement.)

Feel free to connect on LinkedIn. R. D. Childers - Austin, Texas, United States | Professional Profile | LinkedIn