Inspiration and success

the tormach 770m is a beautiful cnc mill I purchased it almost 2 years ago at first I didnt even have the table and coolant tank for it but was determined to succeed in my endeavors at about 6 months of my owning of the mill the owner of the property next the my home stoped by and saw what i was doing in my spare time he saw I have my own mill and was working on cad right next to it little did I know he worked at a nice machine shop in town he said come on down and we will see if we have a spot for you and about a year and a half later now im working there and have the greatest job of my life buying my tormach mill has been the best decision of my life i wouldn’t change a thing thankyou for your superiors product that payed off for me in not only getting a great tool for me to use and learn on but it had the unintentional bonus of getting me the best job ive ever had thanks again

sincerely Elijah Francek