Hydraulic Chuck

I make small components. Watches from scratch specifically. So accuracy is more than half my time. Is it worth upgrading to hydraulic Chuck tool holding on the 1100mx? My spindle bore is sheer perfection with no detectable runout on the bore. I currently use er16 5micron collet tool holding and runout is 3-12 microns consistently. (You may have seen my extensive post “runout mystery” which is still in progress.) I am wondering if the hydraulic tool holding makes sense for the 1100mx or is it something Better suited for higher end machines. I cut small parts with small carbide end mills 95% of my work is using .8mm - 4mm end mills. Mostly cutting brass and drilling holes .4-3mm diameter.

I have a couple of hydraulic chucks that I’ll use on occasion. Runout isn’t the primary reason I choose to use one, it’s that I don’t have to worry about undoing a collet.


Why not got to heat shrink holders?

Having to use a torch is always annoying, I’ve never seen any huge benefit of heat shrink holders (except cost) over a couple of hydraulics for finishing, end mill holders for roughing, and ER holders for general purpose.