Hub errors

Trying to have an entire class use the HUB to create programs using conversational. Having a lot of issues with errors due to limits and tools. First fix for tool errors is to export and then import the offset file.

It is a pain as it has to be done every time you open the hub and you have to transfer the file to the controller.
Then you still have to virtually touch off one tool and set the readouts to 0.

Is there a way to move the entire machine config file over so not to get limit and travel errors. Turning off the limits doesn’t work. It would be nice to open up my 8L not the generic one.

Is there a way to save your controller so next time you open it everything is the same?

Is there a way to fix the lag - I am on super fast internet but this reacts like my old satellite internet. About 800 - 10000 ms latency. Really bad.

Likely a simple fix I am missing.

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This one is curious to me. I’ve been flirting with some of these concepts as well and would like to poke around and see what kind of tips i can offer. However, won’t have time to dig in till next week. I’ll get back to you about what I find.

Ultimately, no there is no way to save your machine for future use with the current setup of the hub server.
Similarly, there is no way to speed up the lag due to the nature of trying to do on a web browser what you typically have a dedicated computer doing.
I will respond here once I have worked through this a little more and can offer some tips.

@Tom_Carr I think I have a solution that will work for you. Once you get your virtual machine setup the way that you like it then use the MDI line command “ADMIN SETTINGS BACKUP” which will create a zip file of all of the particular settings on the machine including WCOs and tool offsets. This will not copy gcode files, only config settings.
Once you do that then move that file over to your Hub file folder so that you can load it on future virtual machines.
When you create a new virtual machine then select the machine type in the config selection, move the settings backup config .zip file to the local machine, then run “ADMIN SETTINGS RESTORE” from the MDI line. This will restore all of your settings and restart PathPilot in a state that you are familiar with.

Please beware that this works going from virtual machine to virtual machine or real machine to real machine but not in between those two types.

Let me know how this goes.

Amazing. I would never have figured out the Admin Settings Backup/Restore. I was trying to do the same thing manually but it failed.

I backup’d the lathe, restored to the virtual, exported the offsets, imported the offsets AND moved the tool into the machine envelope, changed Z & X to 0’s.

Created and ran a few programs. Flawless.

You would need to do all 3 - backup, tools and set G54 inside so you don’t limit out.

The cool thing was that the backup/restore moved all my conversational history so feeds and depth of cuts as well as last program were in each conversational window.

So cool.


Tom were you able to simulate stock being on the machine? When I try to run a probing routine in any direction it never makes contact with the stock.