How to make Path Pilot show Full Screen

I feel silly asking this questions because with most CNC questions I do the answering.

For some reason my Path Pilot screen is in a small window on my monitor. It used to be a full screen which was great when using my touch screen monitor. I’m not a Lenox guy but I poked around enough and found display options but no matter what display resolution I set my monitor to, Path Pilot remains in a window that I can not seem to expand to full screen. Any guidance would be verry much appreciated.

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Try pressing Alt + F11 on your keyboard, that should do the trick

you can also use the MDI line command ADMIN DISPLAY to open up the display properties and make adjustments to resolution and what not.

Thanks for the replies and my apologies for not responding sooner. Been a hell of a month to say the least. I have tried the suggestions above to no avail. I believe that Path Pilot has a fixed growth and shrink ration. Meaning that it can grow and shrink to fit different monitor resolutions. When it grows or shrinks, it does it so it maintains the same ratio of height and width. What happened to me is a replaced my touch screen monitor with one that is a little taller but much wider. The physical ration in height vs width of my monitor doesn’t match the height/width of Path Pilot. So after repeatedly changing my screen resolution I finally arrived at the sweet spot where the height was almost maxed out but there is still ample room for expansion on the sides. When I went one step more I started to gain width in Path Pilot but also lost parts of path pilot off the bottom and top. I kinda need all of path pilot so I went back down a notch.