How to Boost Forum Traffic/Engagement?

I am new to Tormach and was excited to see that they have a forum for their users to share ideas, experiences, and work products. I am on other forums for various groups and really appreciate the more active ones. Does anyone have ideas about how Tormach or the users could make this more active?

I would love to see people posting their work, their setups etc. The forum software seems really good and conducive to posting pictures and responding to posts. I’m on the Langmuir forum and those users really do a lot there.

Any interest or am I barking up the wrong tree?



You could post on here as your primary documentation of a question or thing you want to show off and reference your post here on the other vendor agnostic forums (e.g. CNCZone) to make other Tormach owners aware of this one/increase participation here.

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@Scott_Dube We’re always looking for input from the community on how we can make the Forums a more useful space. Any and all feedback is welcome!

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I’m hoping to get the group to give some feedback. As I said I would love for this to become more utilized than it is. To some extent, it’s probably a chicken and an egg thing. Content drives engagement so there’s some flywheel effect as more people get active posting. And the converse is well you know… :smiley:

I would love to see Tormach seed these discussions for a while with the most common support call topics. I know as a new Tormach user there are definitely things that puzzle me or things that I haven’t even thought of that I’d love to just run across in the forum.

One topic that comes to mind is something like “hold this” a topic where people could post workholding challenges and triumphs. I wonder if others would find that interesting/useful?


For my ShopSabre CNC router the user group is on Facebook. I’d imagine that’s where most of the traffic for Tormach is as well. I’m new to Tormach and haven’t even ordered a machine yet but I’m happy to see a forum like this.

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Hi Tony, I’m on the Langmuir forum (a shopsabre sister company) and what I notice is the quality of the posts and answers is much higher on the forum than facebook. Might just be me…

Well now I’ll have to check that out. Sadly, I have nothing to offer here yet!

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Jump in! I just got my machine a couple of weeks ago and I am having a blast. Steep learning curve but manageable if you’re curious and patient!