How do I setup gang tooling?

Hi all, I keep seeing videos of folks running gang tooling on the 8L. I’m pretty sure they’re making their plates but they’re not selling them and I can’t find them anywhere.

If any of you can point me to somewhere/someone who’s selling gang plates for the 8L and how to set it up I’d appreciate it.

I think the gang tooling is designed for the 15L and Tormach sells many parts Search results for: 'gang'

I know @Chris_Zajic runs gang tooling, on his 8L. He may have some insight.

I may have a gang tool setup in the works. I’m not 100% sure on pricing but I’m hoping to have some ready around the 1st of the year.

I have set up gang tooling on my 8L, it is a bit of a project. I bought a steel t-slot plate online and got it mounted on the base plate. Made a couple of gang mounting blocks, tool holders and a mount for the OXA tool post out of 6061 on my 440 mill. I use the Tormach gang blocks where I can. I setup 3 programable coolant lines on a USB I/O which really streamlined things, they mount thru the gang blocks when necessary. Here are a few pics of the parts and some different setups.

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