Home and soft limits for Home built router with Pathpilot

I have a home built router that I set up Path Pilot on. Well, I had an electronics guy set up that understood Lennix stuff. How do I set up new “home position” for reference and how to set up the new soft limits? I have limit switches, but Path Pilot only uses one limit switch per axis and assumes other end based on the machine you are using. Is there any way to have home and travel limits match my machine?

Within the pathpilot file structure there are definitions for each machine that contain things like the axis lengths. That’s where you would set your travel limits. I’m not sure how the home position is defined. That might be a better questions for a LinuxCNC forum.

Is pathpilot port open source? Or open to run on other controllers?

In ~/tmc/configs/tormach_mill, edit tormach_mill_base.ini

In each [AXIS_0 or1 or 2:
MAXLIMIT is your max travel in inches. Depending on which end you want the limit to home to, add a minus in front of the number.

In my case I home so the the spindle is over the left rear of the bed. AXIS_0 (X) has a positive number (the home/limit switch is on the left). AXIS_1 (Y) homes to front (spindle at rear). This means using MIN_LIMIT with a minus in front.

This file gets over written when you upgrade so you will have to edit the same parameters in the newer version.

I want to say there was some sort of statement on PP and its OSS licensing and usage of other OSS . The PathPilot USB that is sold on the Tormach store has noted as a semi-official method to get a PathPilot license and installation media, albeit with zero support, for a custom rig like the original poster is asking about.

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