Holiday-Gift aka Christmas Gift - Tormach 1100MX

Made this for the Mother in-law in remembrance of her husband that passed away a few years ago… and also a prize for the family white elephant game

First attempt at taking a picture into F360 and making it dimensional… least it looks better in person when rotating angles… the picture isnt the best


What a neat idea! I am sure your mother in law is going to love that! Fusion 360 did a great job with that photo! Thanks for entering :slight_smile:

@Nathan_Walkington this looks great!I have always wondered how people achieve things like this. Was there a massive amount of cad time involved or were you able to run some processes against the original image to get the initial 3d file? Any tips you can offer would be much appreciated but I’m mainly asking for the cliffs notes to get me pointed in the right direction.

It is a bit of a pia as it was my first time and fusion is a powerful processing app or at least slow on my pc for this

Im at work but will try to add a link to the video I followed… it isnt too hard the biggest thing is a decent photo that will work correctly… ai tried a couple and nada

And ai am sure there are a few other better programs to make the picture 3d before importing into f360 which may give better results