Highly Recommend PathPilot in Portrait Mode

PathPilot recently added support for portrait mode. I took this as an opportunity to design an adjustable multipurpose side panel upon which to hang an old touchscreen.

I highly recommend portrait mode *and * the touchscreen.


What make/model touchscreen (as a reference of what is known to work with PP)?

I swapped out the 4:3 LCD for a newer 16:9 LCD a few days ago and I am thinking touchscreen of the same dimensions would be much easier to work with than the mouse and better $ spent than an industrial keyboard/trackball.

Mine is a 10 year-old Touch Revolution 1920x1080 display with PCAP touch. At the time of purchase I believe it was described as “Windows 7 touch compatible” :wink: That means it shows up as a HID device on the USB bus. It looks to be using the egalaxtouch driver, EETI eGalaxTouch Windows Driver in so-called “mouse emulation mode”, i.e., I don’t have pinch-to-zoom/expand … only touch and click (though I’m not even sure that PathPilot supports multi-touch gestures). Still, it makes a huge difference to the experience. I suspect any modern touch monitor will work.

Thanks! I’ve got one on order (different brand/model) which I believe obeys the same HID standard and will report back. It is supposed to have up to 10 touch points, so the onscreen keyboard should work…probably still need a mouse for the 3D view…I swapped to a basic trackball for now…