Help setting up post processor in fusion cam for my 440

Hi folks ,
I am rick from asheville nc.
I have a new PCNC 440 mill and I have been really pleased with the machine. My experience is with manual machines and both cad and cam are completely new to me. I have been able to use all the conversational tools in pathpilot and have managed to draw simple parts in Fusion 360. Starting in CAM I have become totally lost. The biggest problem I’m having seems to be selecting my machine (PCNC 440) into cam. I am missing something I’m sure. I can open a file for it but it won’t persist nor are the sizes for the X,Y,Z displayed. I think I am so confused at the moment, even my questions I ask are not well formed. I am attempting a very simple part which is a 29mm round blank into a 26mm round (18 mm high). I hoped this would be a simple part to create my first cam generated g-code. A week ago I was able to run the simulation but I can’t even get back to that!
Any hints and direction will be much appreciated by me!
Thank you!

One thing that I got hung up on when I first started CAM in fusion is that you don’t need to set up the machine, you only need to select the tormach post when post processing.
Some people setup the machine for advanced simulation and collision avoidance but to get stared just leave the machine selection as default but pick the right post.
I hope that helps.

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That helps a lot! Im getting a little “wrapped around the axle” with this stuff and am loosing focus of the key tool path order. Thank you!

I have a habit of always having the machine in view in sprutcam. But its not required at all. Well it kind of is required for the 8l because you have to work flipped and reversed in order to get correct code. But mill and lath its not. Just an old habit. Nice that fusion posts are well supported. Sprutcam your on your own for the most part.

Thanks for all your help folks! I figured it out and finally did my first complete chain of drawing to CAM to machining. It worked beautifully. The machine setup wasn’t the issue, just my hang up. Selecting the correct points to create the tool path did it. What a cool little machine this 440 is!

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@Rick_Tannenbaum fantastic update! I still remember the first part that I went all the way through the process with. It took me weeks to figure ask the right options and settings and what nots. Good luck

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