Help! 3-jaw chuck key size for 6” super spacer

I have a 6” super spacer with the integral 3-jaw. I say integral as it is the one that replaces the table when installed, not the newer add-on one that bolts to the table. I got it without the chuck key that allows you to move the chuck jaws. I measured and could have sworn I got 1/2”. But I tried using a 1/2” square key and it wouldn’t go in.

Anyone know what size chuck key this thing is supposed to take?

Literally any size that will fit in there. You might just grind down the one you have until it fits.

I don’t have any except that half inch. But truth, grinding one out won’t hurt!

It’s probably 12mm. I have a chuck (of unknown origin) that has a 12mm square key.

You were right! Ordered a 12mm key and it fits like a glove! Thank you for the recommendation.

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